The BRIDGE - Buddhist Company for Prisoners


Since about 1995 dedicated Buddhists have been visiting prisoners in Austrian jails. Often prisoners develop a special spiritual openness associated with the desire to contact people who can show them self-improvement methods.

This is where the work of our Buddhist guides for the prisoners starts, enabling them to spend their time of detention wisely for meditation and studying the Dharma. Our guides, who are officially recognised by legal authorities, are available for the prisoners, their families, social workers and therapists upon request. Person-to-person talks are held with inmates, and (in accordance with prison administration) meditation groups and study groups are organised. 

"The BRIDGE" is looking for new team members, who would like to do voluntary work as guides. We particularly seek support in the southern and western Austrian states.


If you are interested in joining our team "The BRIDGE" or would like to volunteer in that team, please get in contact with the team of The BRIDGE.


Selected Buddhist books for the libraries in Austrian prisons are welcome too. If you would like to support our work financially, we would be grateful for your donation:


"Buddhistische Gefangenenbegleitung"

IBAN Account: AT 466 00 00 00 00 131 77 47
Account holder: Österreichische Buddhistische Religionsgesellschaft, the Austrian Buddhist Union ÖBR




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